The Journey Begins

This is new to me. This is ALL new to me. New career, new outlook on life, etc.

My plan is to use this to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences I have as I make things in my shop. But rather than have rules regarding what I can and can’t write, I’m going to also use this blog to share the contents of my head, or lack-there-of. Already there are a lot of topics that I know I want to write about here, but as I’m planning to give this the “college try”, I’m in no hurry to share them all at once.

So for now, at nearly 4:30am, unable to calm my brain enough to sleep, I’ll start off by telling you who I am. This is the part where, when I’ve asked others about themselves, more times than not they tell me what they DO, rather than who they ARE. So…. I’m Matt: a nearly 46-year-old married father of three who is finally beginning to understand who I am, what makes me tick, what my turn-ons and turn-offs are, and how I (and others) communicate in both positive and negative ways. I like to laugh, but not as much as I like making others laugh. I love my family, and if I had to admit any regrets I have, the ONE I can think of is not spending more time in the “now” with them. I was a teacher at one time (for quite some time) which enabled me to channel my desire to help other people in a positive way, but I much prefer to be a student (as long as I’m learning something that interests me). My circle of friends is small, but almost all of them have been a friend for more than 25 years. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy meeting new people, making a new friend here and there, and talking with folks outside of my circle of friends/family. I’ve experienced some horrible losses, and they messed me up; but I’m learning it’s ok to not be ok sometimes. But I’m ok. I’m me.

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