Phonographs for sale (updated 1/28/2019)

Columbia Grafonola “Mignon”

From the “Columbia Phonograph Companion Volume 2″:

Introduced in 1910 at a price of $150.00, the Mignon was advertised as the first instrument in its class under $200.00. The cabinet was offered in a choice of red mahogany, mission oak or golden oak. The lower door concealed the record storage which consisted of four albums accommodating 15 records each. Space for two additional albums (not included) was provided in the rear of the cabinet. The Columbia Grand Reproducer was standard, with the Columbia Concert Grand Reproducer available as an option.”

44″high, 17.5″wide, 22.5″deep

I think you would be hard pressed to find a finer example of this model. The reproducer was rebuilt within the last three years and sounds wonderful. The phonograph plays great. Record storage albums (original) are in phenomenal condition. Original key included. A true collector’s item.

Price: $1500.00


Victor VV-XIV in American Walnut – SOLD!

This Victor VV-XIV dates from approximately 1921, and has the rare American Walnut finish. It has been completely restored (NOT refinished) and comes with a nearly complete (and original) set of record storage albums (one album is a replacement). The motor has been gone through and adjusted, and the reproducer has been rebuilt. Original Victor “V” key included. It sounds terrific! You don’t see American Walnut finishes very often.

Price: $600.00


Columbia Model 800 Viva-Tonal Phonograph

From the “Columbia Phonograph Companion Volume 2″:

A brown two-tone walnut finish, highlighted and shaded, distinguished this cabinet. The doors on each side of horn slid into the cabinet when open. Four 12-inch brown cloth albums were included, along with a 12-inch turntable, gold plated hardware (crank and escutcheon gunmetal finish), Viva-Tonal No. 15 reproducer, and three spring motor. This machine was the same as the more expensive Model No. 810, but without the art finish and flower decoration, aaaaand in walnut rather than mahogany.”

Original price $275.00

47″high, 33″wide, 27 7/8″deep

Wow, this machine really sounds amazing! The cabinet has been cleaned, the reproducer has been rebuilt and tuned, and the horn has been sealed, culminating in one of Columbia’s finest sounding phonographs. Only the second one I’ve come across in all my years of collecting, and the nicer of the two. You will NOT be disappointed.

Price: $900.00


Victor Type P1

Circa 1902-1906, the Type P Victor was given away as a premium. It has a 10 inch turntable, a simple oak case, and a single spring motor which is mounted to the base board. The Exhibition sound box has been rebuilt and tuned. The horn, which is original, has some damage (see pics), but functions and displays quite nicely. It will play through a 10-inch record on one full winding, and sounds quite good. A beautiful example for your collection.

Price: $1050.00